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Nr. Titel Autor Datum, Typ
1 The Relation between Stress and Aggression and The Role of Inhibitory Control and Social Information Processing within - A Psychophysiological Approach Dierolf, Angelika Margarete 11.11.2014, Dissertation
2 Validity and Maintenance of Binge Eating Disorder. Laboratory and naturalistic studies on the role of negative affect, stress-induced eating and cortisol secretion in obese women with BED Schulz, Simone 28.10.2014, Dissertation
3 Representations of British South Asian Diasporic Identities in Contemporary British Audio-Visual Media Bhar, Aparna 16.10.2014, Dissertation
4 What you look for is what you get: The impact of comparison mindsets on information elaboration and joint outcomes of negotiation groups with diverse interest-weightings. Bündgens, Silke 14.10.2014, Dissertation
5 Assessing forest growth models using forest structural parameters derived from ground-based remote sensing Püschel, Pyare 10.10.2014, Dissertation
6 Verbitterung, Vertrauen und Posttraumatische Verbitterungsstörung - Ätiologie und Zusammenhänge der Konstrukte im beruflichen Kontext Beitinger, Anja 09.09.2014, Dissertation
7 Aktuelle Geomorphodynamik in Gullyeinzugsgebieten in der Souss-Ebene/Südmarokko Peter, Klaus Daniel 02.09.2014, Dissertation
8 The role of selective attention processes in answering the representation question in evaluative conditioning Blask, Katarina 02.09.2014, Dissertation
9 Evaluative Conditioning at Age 39: Conceptual Challenges and Future Directions Halbeisen, Georg 01.09.2014, Dissertation
10 A critical appraisal of accumulative biomonitors to assess and to map sources and rates of atmospheric nitrogen deposition on different regional scales in Germany Boltersdorf, Stefanie Helene 26.08.2014, Dissertation

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