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Nr. Titel Autor Datum, Typ
1 Die A4-Strategie: Ein Kommunikationskonzept für Kleine und Mittlere Unternehmen Assovié Josselin C. D. 05.07.2018, Dissertation
2 Neuropattern in Personalized Workplace Health Promotion - A Pilot Study Contreras, Carina 05.07.2018, Dissertation
3 Phenotype and Mechanisms of Altered Immune Functions induced by Early Life Adversity Elwenspoek, Martha Maria Christine 05.07.2018, Dissertation
4 Nonverbal Synchrony in Psychotherapy: Investigation of a New Approach with the Potential to Better Understand and Predict Therapeutic Success Paulick, Jane 26.06.2018, Dissertation
5 Improving the knowledge of European cave salamanders (genus Hydromantes):ecological studies for conservation of a highly threatened endemic species Lunghi, Enrico 25.06.2018, Dissertation
6 Quadratic Optimization:Copositive Modelling, Algorithms and Aspects of Duality Nguyen, Duy Van 12.06.2018, Dissertation
7 Using network analysis for the prediction of treatment dropout in patients with mood and anxiety disorders: A methodological proof-of-concept study Lutz, Wolfgang et al. 11.06.2018, Aufsatz
8 Soil quality indicator response to land‐use change from annual to perennial bioenergy cropping systems in Germany Ruf Thorsten et al. 04.06.2018, Aufsatz
9 Field-recorded data on the diet of six species of European Hydromantes cave salamanders Lunghi, Enrico et al. 04.06.2018, Aufsatz
10 Batracobdella leeches, environmental features and Hydromantes salamanders Lunghi, Enrico et al. 04.06.2018, Aufsatz

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