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ACORN, Milton (b. 1923):
"Whale Poem" (1969/1975)
IN: Daymond & Monkman, II, 408-409.
Comment: Observation of dancing whales.
"Hunter's Song"
IN: Colombo (1983), I, 25.
ALISON, William Talbot:
"O Amber Day, Amid the Autumn Gloom"
IN: Carman, 169.
Comment: Indian summer motif.
ALLAN, Adam (1757-1823):
"A Description of the Great Falls, of the River St. John, in the Province of New Brunswick" (1798)
IN: Daymond & Monkman, I, 62-63.
Comment: The river and falls excite the idea of danger in summer, and of beauty in winter. The poem reminds the modern reader of Edmund Burke's (1729-1797) notion of the sublime.
ALLEN, Robert (b. 1911):
"Meadow Flowers"
IN: Harris, 23-25.
Comment: Interest in flora.
IN: Harris, 17-18.
Comment: Animal poem. Empathy.
"The Newt's Song"
IN: Harris, 17.
Comment: Animal poem.
AMABILE, George (b. 1936):
IN: Cooley, 1-2. Duncan, 11-12.
Comment: Essence of prairie well captured. Prairie understood as being constituted by words that lend themselves to its characterization. Compare this poem with John Newlove's ”The Prairie” (IN: Cooley, 237).
ANGUS, Anne Margaret (b. 1901):
"West Coast"
IN: Creighton, 8.
Comment: Topographical.
ARMSTRONG, Jeannette:
"First People" (1991)
IN: Fife, 12-14; Platz et al., 131-132.
"History Lesson" (1991)
IN: Moses, 203-204; Platz et al., 224-225.
ARNASON, David (b. 1940):
"Marsh Burning"
IN: Lenoski, 257-317.
ATWOOD, Margaret (b. 1939):
IN: Litteljohn & Pearce, 114
Comment: Ecological awareness of human intruder?
"The Immigrants"
IN: Geddes/ Litteljohn & Pearce, 175-177.
"Journey to the interior"
IN: Newlove, 21-22.
IN: Atwood, 351.
Comment: This is one of the many November poems that would be worth exploring. In this connection see also Francis Sparshott, "Three Seasons", IN: Atwood, 259-260. That poem has a November section, too. There is a kind of correspondence between the world within and without.
"Procedures for Underground" (1970)
IN: Brown & Bennett, II, 472-473; Daymond & Monkman, II, 634-635; Geddes/ Litteljohn & Pearce, 178-179.
"Progressive Insanities of a Pioneer"
IN: Brown & Bennett, II, 459-461; Geddes & Bruce, 170-175
Comment: Poem has been given much attention by literary critics. Key poem.
"The Settlers"
IN: Newlove, 22-23.
AVISON, Margaret (b. 1918):
"Snow" (1960)
IN: Daymond & Monkman, II, 348.
Comment: Sonnet set in China. Imagery suggests diverse patterns of meaning.