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"Arctic Spring"
IN: Litteljohn & Pearce, 125.
Comment: Aesthetic perception.
KELLY, Melissa:
"As One Planet"
IN: Canadian Chamber of Contemporary Poetry, 42.
Comment: One-planet motif.
KENNEDY, Leo (b. 1907):
"Shore" (1933)
IN: Daymond & Monkman, II, 155.
Comment: Detailed verbal painting of sea-shore.
"Thunderstorm in August"
IN: Dewart, 128-130.
Comment: A tornado observed. A grand spectacle. Danger and fascination.
KNISTER, Raymond (1899-1932):
"Autumn Clouds" (1949)
IN: Daymond & Monkman, II, 88.
Comment: Empathetic awareness of the beautiful atmosphere. Reflective mood.
"Boy Remembers in the Fields" (1942)
IN: Atwood, 89.
Comment: Spring poem. Reassuring feeling of the continuity of life.
"February's Forgotten Mitts" (1949)
IN: Atwood, 90.
Comment: Human actors respond to early spring. An early spring scene that is peopled by humans and animals.
"The Hawk" (1949)
IN: Daymond & Monkman, II, 87.
Comment: A verbal sketch of the hawk's flight.
KROETSCH, Robert (b. 1927):
"Seed Catalogue"
IN: Bowering, III (excerpt), 164-165;. Lenoski (full text), 109-131.
"Stone Hammer Poem" (1975)
IN: Atwood, 264-269; Brown & Bennett, II, 238-242; Lee 132-137.
Comment: A poem about environmental history. Worth interpreting. Environmental palimpsest. See introduction to Lenoski's Prairie Lines, p. xvi, 3. Kroetsch pursues a poetic environmental archaeology.