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O'GRADY, Standish (1793-1841):
"From The Emigrant, (Winter in Lower Canada)" (1841)
IN: Atwood, 3f.; A.J.M. Smith (1968), 1-2.
Comment: A rather negative image of Canada.
O'HAGAN, Thomas (1855-1939):
"An Idyl of the Farm"
IN: Garvin, 215-216.
Comment: Felicitous settling and farming. The hardships of settlement are poetically suspended.
OJIBWA [anonymous]:
"Nature poems"
IN: Colombo (1983), I, 39-42.
ONDAATJE, Michael (b. 1943):
"Breaking Green" (1973)
IN: Atwood, 409-410.
Comment: An ecological poem about a snake falling victim to a bulldozer. The driver is shocked by the fact that he has killed the snake.
"Burning Hills"
IN: Bowering, IV, 277-279.
Comment: Reflection on the relationship between writing and the landscape.
"The Diverse Causes"
IN: Bruce/ Geddes, 252.
Comment: Speaker is trapped in his narrow room. Natural phenomena can be seen only as reflections on a toaster. Nature is not a direct sensory experience. Alienation. Modern predicament.
"Early Morning, Kingston to Gananoque"
IN: Bruce/ Geddes, 251.
Comment: Disillusioned view of a bleak landscape. Projection of negative feelings onto the landscape.