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WADDINGTON, Miriam (b. 1917):
"Green World" (1945)
IN: Daymond & Monkman, II, 340-341.
Comment: Unrhymed sonnet. Symbolic self-transcendence of the green world theme.
"Green World Two" (1966)
IN: Daymond & Monkman, II, 342-343.
Comment: Continuation of "Green World". Ageing is associated with winter. The "green world" is saved as a mental presence.
WAH, Fred (b. 1939):
"Breathe dust ..." (1981)
IN: Atwood, 374-375.
Comment: One of Wah's prose poems.
"Lardeau / Summer 1964"
IN: Bowering, IV, 308-309.
Comment: Implied protest against the romantic tradition.
"Outside It's Snowing"
IN: Bowering, IV, 318.
Comment: Writing against the convention. A young she-bear is cut up while it is snowing. Against the traditional associations of snowfall.
"The Plan of a Tree"
IN: Bowering, IV, 312.
WAYMAN, Tom (b. 1945):
"The Ecology of Place: For Paul Bryant and Benton Mackaye" (1973)
IN: Daymond & Monkman, II, 709-710.
Comment: Awareness of the ecological implications of settlement in North America. Mathematical conception of a tree.
WEIER, John:
"The Common Loon"
IN: D.B. Smith, 76-77.
Comment: Bird-watching scene.
WEIS, Lyle:
"Black Widow"
IN: Forrie, 348.
Comment: Animal poem.
"Hawk in the Snow"
IN: Forrie, 249-250.
Comment: Bird motif.
WETHERALD, Agnes Ethelwyn (1857-1940):
"The Humming-bird" (1895)
IN: Gerson & Davies, 315.
Comment: Bird motif.
"June Apples" (1895)
IN: Gerson & Davies, 315.
Comment: Imaginative dialogue with growing apples.
"October" (1895)
IN: Gerson & Davies, 314.
Comment: Sonnet praising the Indian summer: "A storm of fiery leaves are out at play/ Around the lingering sunset of the wood."
"A Winter Picture" (1907)
IN: Gerson & Davies, 316.
Comment: The title explains what the small poem is about.
WHEATLEY, Patience:
IN: D.B. Smith, 78-79.
Comment: Eclipse of the sun.
WHIPPLE, George (b. 1927):
"Indian Summer"
IN: Forrie, 253.
Comment: Seasonal motif.
WILKINSON, Anne (1910-1961):
"Easter Sketches, Montreal" (1955)
IN: Brown & Bennett, I, 528-529; Daymond & Monkman, II, 262-264.
Comment: Religious feelings evoked by spring.
"The Great Winds" (1951)
IN: Brown & Bennett, I, 526-527.
Comment: Enlarges on the romantic correspondence between natural and mental phenomena.
"In June and Gentle Oven" (1955)
IN: Atwood, 143-144; Brown & Bennett, I, 530.
Comment: Love poem set in a landscape in June. Landscape not presented for its own sake.

"Nature Be Damned" (1957/1968)
IN: Brown & Bennett, I, 531-532; Daymond & Monkman, II, 267-268.
Comment: Poem reminiscent of William Blake's (1757-1827) Songs of Innocence.
"Poem in Three Parts" (1955)
IN: Daymond & Monkman, II, 265-266.
Comment: Ecological awareness of the evolution of life in terms of earth time.