I Want to Know Everything: Motivational and Self-Regulatory Determinants of the Intention to Comprehensively Search for Health Information

  • The dissertation includes three published articles on which the development of a theoretical model of motivational and self-regulatory determinants of the intention to comprehensively search for health information is based. The first article focuses on building a solid theoretical foundation as to the nature of a comprehensive search for health information and enabling its integration into a broader conceptual framework. Based on subjective source perceptions, a taxonomy of health information sources was developed. The aim of this taxonomy was to identify most fundamental source characteristics to provide a point of reference when it comes to relating to the target objects of a comprehensive search. Three basic source characteristics were identified: expertise, interaction and accessibility. The second article reports on the development and evaluation of an instrument measuring the goals individuals have when seeking health information: the ‘Goals Associated with Health Information Seeking’ (GAINS) questionnaire. Two goal categories (coping focus and regulatory focus) were theoretically derived, based on which four goals (understanding, action planning, hope and reassurance) were classified. The final version of the questionnaire comprised four scales representing the goals, with four items per scale (sixteen items in total). The psychometric properties of the GAINS were analyzed in three independent samples, and the questionnaire was found to be reliable and sufficiently valid as well as suitable for a patient sample. It was concluded that the GAINS makes it possible to evaluate goals of health information seeking (HIS) which are likely to inform the intention building on how to organize the search for health information. The third article describes the final development and a first empirical evaluation of a model of motivational and self-regulatory determinants of an intentionally comprehensive search for health information. Based on the insights and implications of the previous two articles and an additional rigorous theoretical investigation, the model included approach and avoidance motivation, emotion regulation, HIS self-efficacy, problem and emotion focused coping goals and the intention to seek comprehensively (as outcome variable). The model was analyzed via structural equation modeling in a sample of university students. Model fit was good and hypotheses with regard to specific direct and indirect effects were confirmed. Last, the findings of all three articles are synthesized, the final model is presented and discussed with regard to its strengths and weaknesses, and implications for further research are determined.

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Author:Anita Chasiotis
Document Type:Doctoral Thesis
Date of completion:2020/07/14
Publishing institution:Universität Trier
Granting institution:Universität Trier, Fachbereich 1
Date of final exam:2020/06/16
Release Date:2020/07/28
GND Keyword:Bewertung; Bewältigung; Emotionsregulation; Expertise; Gesundheit; Information; Interaktion; Motivation; Suche; Taxonomie; Wissen; Ziel; Zugang
Licence (German):License LogoCC BY-NC: Creative-Commons-Lizenz 4.0 International

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